Gift Suggestions for All 16 Myers-Briggs Personality Types

Gift Suggestions for All 16 Myers-Briggs Personality Types

Gift-giving is rampant during the holiday season, and unless you are especially good at choosing gifts for other people (or perhaps that’s your love language), trying to put yourself into someone else’s shoes who has a different MBTI preferences and figuring out what gift they might appreciate (or even LOVE) can be difficult to say the least.

Myers-Briggs preferences can tell you an incredible amount about someone else – from where they direct their energy to how they make decisions to what motivates them and even what stresses them out. And while gift-giving may not rank quite as high on the scale of important as how you take in information, it’s a combination of these preferences that can often tell us the type of gift that a person would most enjoy.

Think about Introversion and Extraversion. Someone with a preference for Introversion gets energy by spending time alone or with a small group of people they’re close to. Conversely, they often expend energy when spending time with interacting with large groups of people for prolonged periods. Those who prefer Extraversion on the other hand are energized by sharing ideas verbally, interacting with other people and often feel more comfortable in large groups. That’s not to say that those with preferences for Extraversion don’t need or want alone time or are the Energizer Bunnies of preferences, or that someone who prefers Introversion can’t enjoy a roudy baseball game with a large group, but in general these innate preferences reflect differences in how we expend and gain energy in our lives.

What gifts might someone with a preference for Introversion enjoy? Maybe a gift that can be enjoyed alone or with a small group, such as an adult coloring book with a set of watercolors for your artsy friend? Or perhaps tickets to a theater performance for you and that person where the main focus will be on the stage and the actors instead of the main focus being on interpersonal interaction?

Also, think about hobbies or interests that person may have. You hardly ever go wrong by choosing a gift that shows you pay attention to what that person enjoys. In addition, think about a gift that that person has received in the past and really seemed to enjoy. What category would that gift fall into? Was it more practical or more personal? Was it something that allowed the person to be creative, or something to wear, or something to put together?

We’ve gone through all 16 Myers-Briggs personality types and thought about the preferences of each type to put together a gift guide with suggestions for gift ideas, as well as some gifts you may want to stay away from.

Click here to access the Myers-Briggs Gifting Guide

Don’t know someone’s Myers-Briggs preferences? In addition to thinking about hobbies and other gifts they may have received, think about what that person enjoys doing when they’re not working or in school. In addition, you could always give someone the gift of knowing their own Myers-Briggs personality type by gifting the assessment to them! Just follow the link below and you’ll be able to send the MBTI as a gift to a friend or family member who might enjoy receiving the gift of self-awareness.

Click here to learn more about gifting the Myers-Briggs assessment

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